Waste Free Oceans Launches Plastian the Little Fish

Waste Free Oceans Launches Plastian the Little Fish

On Wednesday 14 October 2015, Waste Free Oceans officially launched the children’s book Plastian the Little Fish. The book was launched during WFO’s conference ‘Guardians of the Sea’, held in the European Parliament and hosted by MEP Alain Cadec, WFO Champion and Chairman of the Fisheries Committee.

Waste Free Oceans had recently partnered with the author of the book, Nicole Intemann, in order to raise awareness on the issue of marine litter and to educate children aged five to ten of the problem and its solutions.

During the conference, Ms. Intemann, a schoolteacher in Austria, presented the book and the heart-warming tale of how she came about to writing a children’s book on the marine litter problem.

The colorful pages depict the story of a brother and sister who embark on a sea adventure and become concerned by the amount of marine litter in the water. With the help of Plastian and other animal friends, they construct a trawl to collect the floating debris.

The story, originally written in German, has already been translated into French, English and Dutch. The book is printed on eco-friendly recycled paper and all of the author’s proceedings will be spent on fighting marine litter.

The book is a useful instrument for those looking for educational material to work around this theme and can be used in schools, communities involved in beach cleanups or other awareness raising projects as well as for national and international marine litter related events. Readers of the book are invited to send in to WFO their ideas on solutions to the marine litter problem for which there will be a contest and award organized.

WFO is calling on all who are interested in raising awareness on marine litter to be a part of the project and is keen to work with local sponsors to further promote this educational material all over Europe and in the rest of the world. The sponsorship form can be downloaded at www.wastefreeoceans.eu/plastian-little-fish.  The aim is to distribute the book worldwide with the hopes of inspiring children to build for a future where the oceans are waste free.

To read the entire book and for more information about becoming a sponsor, contact Marguerite at WFO.

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The Waste Free Oceans Foundation removes and transforms marine litter by mobilising fisheries,recyclers and brand owners. WFO removes floating plastic debris in waste hotspots around the world and then upcycles it into meaningful products.