Stemming the Tide: Land-Based Strategies for a Plastic-Free Ocean

New report on origins and solutions to marine litter


A new report by Ocean Conservancy entitled Stemming the Tide: Land-Based Strategies for a Plastic-Free Ocean identifies location-specific origins of most of the world’s plastic marine debris and how it leaks into the oceans.


“The report's findings confirm what many have long thought — that ocean plastic solutions actually begin on land. It will take a coordinated effort of industry, [non-governmental organisations] and government to solve this growing economic and environmental problem” said Ocean Conservancy chief executive Andreas Merkl.

The report also outlines practical solutions as well as short and long-term plans to implement them in five priority countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

The report was put together by the Washington-based non-profit advocacy group in partnership with the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment and Trash Free Seas Alliance partners including Dow Chemical, Coca-Cola and the American Chemistry Council.

Click here to read the full report.

Ocean Conservancy Report 'Stemming the Tide'

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Marguerite Korenblit

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