Removing Ocean Plastic - Waste Free Oceans

A non-profit connecting industry and fishermen to use ocean trash

Dear Ocean lover,

Waste Free Oceans is a ground breaking non-profit that mobilises fishermen, brand owners and the plastic industry to remove floating plastic from ocean environments.

We engage in marine litter clean-ups worldwide and transform the collected ocean plastic into new innovative products. Attaching a unique cleaning net to fishing boats, we removed floating plastic debris in France, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Turkey and work with recyclers, converters and brands to transform ocean trash into innovative products. Together with ECOVER we created the world's first ocean plastic bottle, which has since been emulated by several other brands.

Waste Free Oceans builds the bridge in connecting all relevant partners along the production process. We have strong ties with European institutions and engage in awareness-raising project such as publishing the book Plastian - the little Fish, which educates the next generation on how to prevent ocean debris.

This blog post explains how our hands-on solution of removing floating ocean debris works:

We would be glad to set up an interview with WFO Founder Bernard Merkx.

Best fishes & sea you later!


About Waste Free Oceans

The Waste Free Oceans Foundation removes and transforms marine litter by mobilising fisheries,recyclers and brand owners. WFO removes floating plastic debris in waste hotspots around the world and then upcycles it into meaningful products.